Do you still have those projects I recorded there 125 years ago?

If you're here because you need to retrieve, or revisit, an old recording project, and you're wondering if that's even still possible, read on.. 

My archives date back to January 2004. Anything prior to that has been disposed of due to major hardware and software upgrades. Sorry. If you're not sure of the exact date of your project, call and I'll do an archive search. 

Archived material from Jan 2004 until approximately Jan 2015 is (most likely) available, but please note the following:

1) I probably still have the final stereo mastered versions of all the songs/material you recorded - that is, the files used to create the CD-R or MP3 files that you left with. If all you want is a replacement CD (or MP3's) of the last project, that should be easy. 

2) If you're hoping to pick up exactly from where we left off for additional mixing or mastering, that might not be possible. Probably, what would happen is, the individual WAV files that made up each song, or project, would have to be imported into my new recording software and remixed, more or less from scratch. We could be talking about many, many tracks of audio. Sometimes as many as a hundred tracks per song.

So... point #1 is easy, point #2, not so much. A "ground up" remix takes time. Maybe a lot of time. That's not something I would normally do for free (in case yur wondering). I might consider offering some sort of discounted deal but we'd have to address that directly. 

From Jan 2015 until now, I should be able to pull up any archive and resume work exactly from where we left off. It's possible there might be minor things that need attention but I wouldn't know for sure until I open the project files. 


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