.Do you still have those projects I recorded there 125 years ago?

If you're here because you need to retrieve, or revisit, an old recording project, and you're wondering if that's even still possible, read on.. 

My archives date back to January 2004. Anything prior to that is no longer available. Sorry.

All the projects from 2004 until approximately 2014 or 2015 were saved to optical media (CD-R or DVD-R discs). Projects from 2015 on have been saved to hard disk drives. I've been pretty lucky pulling up old projects. In fact I just retrieved some material from 2004. But there have been a few isolated instances where the archive was unretrievable. I can't explain why that happens. I've seen recordable discs go bad from just sitting on a shelf. If there's any consolation, these things happen with magnetic tape too. I take care of my archives. They're stored in a safe, dry cool place. And I always tried to use the best quality media possible. So chances are good that I can pull them up.

If you're hoping to pick up exactly from where we left off for additional recording, mixing or mastering, that might not be possible. Especially with older projects. I used Cakewalk Sonar as my main recording app from 2004 until around 2010. Around that time I switched over to Samplitude, which I still use. The Sonar stuff will have to be remixed from the ground up. The Samplitude material... it's hard to say but the farther back we go the more likely it will have to be remixed. Later stuff should pull up easily. There may be some effects plugins that have fallen by the wayside. It's just a matter of "look and see". 

When you contact me, try to give me a specific date or time frame for the project in question. That will help a lot. I have thousands of projects that I have to comb through. So specific details will help.

One last thing I should comment on: it would behoove you to keep your own copy of the project files just as a safety backup. That would be true no matter where you go. These days, solid state drives are cheap. A simple thumb flash drive can hold a lot of data now. And they're not very expensive. Who knows how long things last. Nothing lasts forever. Including me lol But having multiple copies of the material in different places increases your safety margin considerably. 

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