I appreciate the compliments and the business. I know you could have gone anywhere you wanted so it means a lot that you chose to record here. Thanks so much!

Gary Pahl:

The Olsen Pahl Project recorded here and had a GREAT experience. Larry is knowledgeable, and a very creative producer. We had a great time laying down tracks and having Larry "punch them up" to sound our best. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable. We will without a doubt be back for more recording work soon.

Shane Salois:

Larry was fabulous as always!
He did a marvelous job and
is extremely reasonable . We'll certainly be back to record originals! Do yourself a favor and go lay down some tracks. You'll be glad you did.

Katherine Andrick:

Thank you so much for everything Larry! You were wonderful to work with as always and it was great to be back in your studio!

Gene Hartman/June's Got The Cash:

Thanks again, Larry, for making me feel at home at LnL Recording. It was a great experience. Be talking to you soon : )

Jigawatt Trio:

Hey Larry,
Your studio is a fantastic place to write. Thank YOU for giving us the the opportunity to work with you again.

All the best,
Steve, Chris, Justin

Revolt Amps:

Great job on the LifeLike Violence disc! Daves guitar tone sounds amazing!


Larry my man!!! Our recording is incredible, and my drums sound amazing!!!! Cant wait to hear the polished disc. You rock!!!!

Michael McClead:

What can I say? Thanks for making the thing sound good. Honestly, this record could not have been done without you and would have probably been an utter failure with any other engineer at any other studio. You were perfect for the job and were an integral part of the record, a constant voice of stability during some of the most hectic times of my life. Thank you for being the best engineer in the world and thank you for being a real friend. Doing this record at LNL was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I will forever treasure it. I thank you Lucia, and Natalie for always welcoming me into your home, which always felt like home away from home--an experience no other studio can offer. Words can not adequately express how grateful I am and how much I will treasure the experience. I can't wait to come back in and do the next one. Until then, I, for one, am going to miss it.

Your Friend,

Barbi Galluppi :

Thanks! I really enjoyed the session. You make it stress free and comfortable.

Tim Cummings:

I've recorded just about all my music at LnL Recording for 6 years. To say that Larry has been of great help to me in helping to get my songs together is an understatement. Thanks Larry! Great quality work gets harder to find these days!

Dennis Baughan:

I just wanted to leave a comment for others to read. Who might not know "THE MAN" Cuz Larry... You ARE THE MAN. If bands in the area are looking to get a CD done. This is the guy to see. I had a great time recording mine. Couldn't have gotten a better guy to record mine.

Anthony P/Summit:

Larry, I love you man! If that was just a rough mix, not even mastered, it was amazing! I showed it to a few of my buddies, and one, they didn't think it was our music, and 2, they didn't think we got that for only $20 an hour. They thought we went to a $100-$150 a day studio. even our parents said that. You're amazing man ....

James Wayman:

Hey Larry,

Thanks for the endorsement! We've worked long and hard on the project and I'm looking forward to seeing how the finished product will turn out. In any case, I feel fortunate to get to know you and your business. Your expertise at the technical end makes it that much easier to focus on being creative; and these sessions have been some of the best times of my musical life.

All the best,

The Memory Girl:

Thanks so much for having us, we're so thrilled with the way things turned out! We'll be up again soon. Cheers - The Memory Girl

Subject to Change:

We all agree the new master is far and away the best sounding "demo" from any local band from our area that we've ever heard. Hands down. I gotta tell ya Larry, I've only had one other professional recording experience when I was a freshman in college 4 years ago with a band out in St. Charles, so I don't have a lot to go on, but we all agree that we'd like to work with you again in the (hopefully!) not so distant future when we start to eye up recording an LP. Your skills as a producer are phenomenal, and I think I speak for the rest of the guys when I say that you're a damn good guy to laugh with as well!


Larry you are the shit!!! Your name will be The Human Recording Guy.


Hey Larry, you did a phenomenal job with our demo, you are a true professional. We will be back!!

Red Line Obsession:

Our demo sounds amazing thanks to you, thanks Larry!

The Never Ending Dance:

If nobody has told anybody, we think it should be general knowledge that Larry kicks some major ass. Thanks for your help man, hope to see you soon!

Marble Train Wreck:

What a great experience recording at LnL. So glad you were recommended to us. You rock, Larry! Definitely!

Treetop Affair:

Larry is da man!! great bang for little buckage...can't beat it...make the drive to Elgin...we look forward to doing some more in the future..

Mike O'Brien & Curbside Life:

Curbside Life will forever be greatful.... If it wasn't for you there would be no Movie Soundtrack!!

Glenn King:

Glenn King is a solo acoustic guitarist/composer from Florida. Glenn was kind enough to forward a copy of a letter he received from Scott Dayton who is the midday show host at ClearChannel Radio (WKII AM 1070) in Port Charlotte, Florida. Scott was responding to Glenn's CD entitled "Let's Stay Together: The Modern Romantic Guitar" which was mixed and mastered here at LnL Recording. They have been playing some of the songs from this CD on the air in Port Charlotte. Here's a little bit of what Scott had to say about Glenn's CD:

Your CD, Let's Stay Together: The Modern Romantic Guitar, is a breath of fresh air! All 14 cuts are excellent... I love them all!

Aaron Davison:


I just wanted to let you know that, It's All Good, the song we did just drum tracks on a few weeks ago was used in two scenes on the show All My Children last Wednesday, 8/18.  My publisher was on vacation that week and so she didn't find out until yesterday.  So, there you go, drums recorded in your studio on national television.  We should all be proud!


Brendan Smith (a.k.a. B.S.) - in reference to a CD he recorded here called "Box of Crackas"

Larry - I think I may have finally done it. Over 2,000 sold in month one! (with little or no P.R.). I've gone into discussions w/ a few indie labels, and I should find something out within the next couple of months! Thanks again - you're a huge part of this - B