ART Levelar Tube Limiter

From the designers of the award winning Tube MP comes the latest in the Personal Processor Series of world class signal processing: The Levelar. The Levelar is a single channel leveling amplifier. Similar in design philosophy to the classic tube limiters, the Levelar utilizes a VCA-less design for premium performance. The Tube Compressor's design features electro-optical (Vactrol ®) and vacuum tube electronics, which delivers classic sound without the "old" noise. Ask any audio engineer what makes a great compressor/limiter and they will tell you - "sound". The classic pieces each had a sonic "flavor" that made them popular. One of the main complaints about many contemporary compressor and limiter designs is that they are "life-less" or "dull" sounding. This is primarily due to the action of the VCA (voltage controlled amplifier). Classic compressors and limiters had a "sound" that isn't available elsewhere. Tubes alone were not responsible for this sound, but rather the complete circuit design. The Tube Compressor from ART has characteristics reminiscent of these classic pieces, yet offers a "sound" you simply cannot get elsewhere.

The Tube Compressor is as simple to use as a contemporary compressor. The primary difference is that it is used (as the classics are) to level out the signal as opposed to altering the complete dynamic range. The Tube Compressor offers both compression and limiting. Due to its very fast attack and release response times, the Tube Compressor provides the "classic" punchy and transparent characteristics of the "LA-" type levelers and offers a finely tuned auto setting which behaves like the classic stereo modules, providing a smooth, loud, and fat sound.

For the latest in state-of-the-art tube compression and limiting, we invite you to pick up the next link in your signal processing chain with the ART Tube Compressor. Check one out at your nearest authorized ART dealer today.

® Vactrol is a registered trademark of EG&G Vactec Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA
Dimensions:  5.25" D x 5.375" W x 2.0" H
Weight:  1.5 lbs
Input Impedance:  20k ohms (XLR), 1M ohm (1/4")
Output Impedance:  600 ohms (XLR), 300 ohms (1/4")
Maximum Input Level:  +15dBm
Maximum Output Level:  +26dBm (XLR), +20dBm (1/4")
Power Requirements:  9VAC @ 700mA
Frequency Response:  10Hz to 20KHz (+/- 0.5dB)
THD:  <0.1% (typ)
Equivalent Input Noise:  -97dBm (1/4" to 1/4")
Equivalent Input Noise:  -99dBm (XLR to XLR)
Slope:  2.3:1 (Compress), 6:1 (Limit)
Maximum Attenuation:  28dB
Controls:  Threshold
Controls:  Active/Bypass Switch
Controls:  Compress/Limit Switch Auto/Fast Release Switch
Controls:  Output Level Control
Connections:  1/4" Balanced Input
Connections:  XLR Balanced Input
Connections:  1/4" Balanced Output
Connections:  XLR Balanced Output
Connections:  9VAC Power Input
Single channel tube and Vactrol® based leveling amplifier 
Premium hand selected 12AX7A tube  
Musically transparent sound 
VCA-less tube and Vactrol® compression circuitry 
Adjustable threshold control  
Selectable attack and release characteristics  
Gain reduction LED meter ladder with threshold indicator  
Compression and Limiting options  
Variable output level control  
Balanced 1/4" and XLR inputs and outputs  
Extremely low noise  
AC-powered, All-steel construction  
Designed and manufactured in the USA