JoeMeek TwinQCS Dual-Channel Mic Preamplifier


JOEMEEK announces the TwinQ. Continuing research at Meeklabs over years has produced classic developments:- The Meequaliser; a very special EQ. The 'CurrentSense' microphone amplifier; dynamic, powerful and sweet, and now, the first Joemeek dual/stereo optical compressor; as great as the early SC2s, yet infinitely controllable in mono or stereo.

All these developments combine in the awesome TwinQ creating a new class of audio, and a new dynamic tool for both mixing and tracking. This dual/stereo JOEMEEK compressor offers 'master' control in all senses of the word! It makes stereo dynamic manipulation a breeze. With instrument inputs and a digital option, the TwinQ really can capture, squeeze and sweeten everything you can throw at it - in dual mono or stereo.

JOEMEEK TwinQcs Dual Channel

For Dual tracking and live sound applications, the TwinQ offers superb sonic performance with a distinctly British flavor.

For use in a professional studio or in live sound, the TwinQ offers JOEMEEK's finest audio interface in a compact, dual channel format. In each TwinQ channel is the amazing and unique 'CurrentSense' mic pre, a JOEMEEK optical compressor in a new dual mono/stereo format, and the Meequaliser; a classic three band discrete EQ.

The TwinQ uses JOEMEEK's latest generation of 'CurrentSense' mic pre. The cs pre amp works differently. It is completely self-optimising to any microphone or instrument source. This means that its performance is equal to the very best mic & pre combinations, but superior to anything that is slightly unmatched in frequency and phase response. The result is a beautifully rich and full sound from all sonic sources, from condenser mics, to ribbon mics, to passive guitars. These days microphone impedance varies greatly, so the advantage of the CurrentSense pre amplifier can be heard instantly. As well as balanced mic and line inputs on the rear panel, there is also a specially optimized instrument input on the front of each channel. (see current mode explanation)

After the mic pre, the famous JOEMEEK optical compressor controls dynamics while adding amazing warmth. The TwinQ allows dual mono or stereo optical compression modes. The linking of the photocells, with no possibility of stereo image shift is another first. This means that the TwinQ is just as effective at compressing mixes and subgroups as well as individual tracks. When the new 'optical link' button is pressed, all control of the stereo compressor is handed to the left channel, allowing easy manipulation of the compressed signal. Metering is also excellent, with large VU meters showing either input gain, or gain reduction on each channel.

To finish the sound, the 3 band discrete Meequaliser adds tonal control. Being a classic design, super smooth EQ results are achieved, where it is possible to add large levels of boost or cut without the distracting harshness associated with digital or modern desk EQs.

Digital - VC1QD

For connecting to the studio, the TwinQ has 'superbal' floating balanced XLR and Jack outputs. In addition, the TwinQ is digital upgradable with JOEMEEK's VC1QD digital board to a 24bit 96KHz stereo output.

Who is the TwinQ for?

The TwinQ is a superb buy for anyone tracking in a digital studio, or making live sounds in a professional stage setup. Anyone who has an instrument or vocal source and needs to capture this sound, for recording or live sound use, would find it invaluable. One of the great strengths of the TwinQ is the CurrentSense mic pre. This is probably the most robust mic pre amplifier on the market; ensuring a perfect impedance match under all situations, and open circuit shutoff protection, meaning absolute silent running if nothing is connected - a byproduct of Current Mode operation... not a gate in sight!

As a processor, the TwinQ is ideal for people in digital studio situations, where the JOEMEEK compressor and Meequaliser have always scored. Any high quality outboard with a warm sound is a welcome thing these days. The TwinQ has been built with this firmly in mind, and delivers.