XITE is a rack-mounted, digtial audio processor developed by a German company called Sonic Core.  XITE utilizes 18 SHARC digital signal processor chips which provide horsepower for an accompanying audio production program called SCOPE. 

XITE is the bridge between an external A/D converter and the recording PC. Signals fed from any 16-channel A/D converter are fed into XITE via back-panel ADAT connections. The audio signals are then processed through any number of effects or signal mixing devices and fed to the PC recording application via ASIO channels. Once the audio has been recorded, the multi-track audio is fed back into XITE/SCOPE for final mixing and mastering.

The SCOPE software program provides a large assortment of effects, mixers and virtual synths which can be used creatively to produce music for bands and artists. The sound quality is amazing!

XITE also comes equipped with a pair of high quality front panel mic preamps and rear panel analog stereo I/O's. XITE communicates with the host computer via a single HDMI cable which is attached to a small PCIe interface card inside the computer.

Sonic Core A16 Ultra

Our recording setup also involves another Sonic Core product called the A16 Ultra. The A16 is an analog-digital interface which converts the analog signals from the microphone preamps (or other audio sources) into digital format. 16 channels of audio are passed from the A16 into the XITE unit and then into the recording computer where the audio is stored as multi-track WAV files.

A total of 20 channels of audio can be recorded simultaneously with XITE and the A16. 

More information about Xite and Scope can be found on the Sonic Core website.


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