LnL Recording - rates & terms

How much does it cost?


All inclusive - no hidden costs

* Minimum booking/billing time is one hour

* The clock starts ticking when I begin placing microphones and hooking things up. I don't charge for load-in/load-out. I'll stop the clock for extended lunch and/or dinner breaks. 

* The hourly rate includes the use of all the equipment and instruments the studio has to offer, as well as my services for recording & mixing. If you're planning to use any of my musical instruments, let me know ahead of time so I can make sure they are set up properly and ready to go.

* Payment is expected at the end of each session - or - we can settle up at the end of each week if there are back-to-back sessions scheduled. I don't require a security deposit except under very limited circumstances. We'll can discuss alternate payment plans prior to the session. 

* Everything is by appointment only. I don't accept walk-ins. There's no charge for a visit to see the studio and discuss your project in more detail. Please call to schedule an appointment.

* Gift certificates are available - give the gift of music! 

Payment options - what kind of dinero do you take?

Cash  Preferred. I will always give top priority to clients who choose to pay in cash.  

Plastic  Credits cards are accepted directly using the Square scanning and point of sale system. It's safe and secure. Receipt of payment can be sent directly to you via email. 


Paypal  Electronic payment through Paypal is also accepted. Click on the Paypal icon below to make a payment. 

I can provide a printed receipt if needed for tax purposes.


Hours of operation.

Monday - Sunday:   10 AM - 12 PM (ten in the morning until midnight).

The studio is available seven days a week unless previously booked. We need to be wrapping up by midnight. 


Scheduling time & checking on studio availability.

The fastest way to schedule time is to call during daytime hours, at (847) 622-9109 please note: this is a regular land line

Email this is the best option if you have a lot of technical details (or attachments) that you need to share. This is definitely the best option if you need a "soft copy" of our business dealings. 

Please be aware that "checking on studio availability" and "scheduling a recording session" are two different things. It's usually first come, first served here. Open dates that were available one minute might be gone the next. I'm happy to hold a specific date open for you for 24 hours. That should give you enough time to check with the rest of the band and get back to me. 

Just a suggestion: before you contact me, talk to the band and figure out a couple of schedule options (like a plan A or a plan B) in case your first preference is already booked. It's not uncommon for me to be booked out a couple of weeks in advance. Especially nights and weekends. 

I'll attempt to contact you 24-48 hours before a scheduled session as a courtesy reminder. If you don't get a confirming call, or email or text message from me at least 24 hours before a scheduled session,  please call me! This is especially true for sessions that were booked more than a few weeks prior. There have been a few times where clients have shown up here on the wrong day. Or there was some sort mutual misunderstanding about the date. 


Shit happens. I get it. All I basically ask is that you do the right thing and call as soon as possible if you have to cancel or reschedule. 

CD duplication.

LnL Recording is an authorized studio partner with Disc Makers. If you need CD copes for commercial distribution, call for more information or click on the icon above. There's a little more info in the FAQ section.

I can make a few copies for you at the end of the session. I don't charge extra for blank media but please be aware that the clock is still ticking while I am authoring and burning CD's for you. It takes about 4-5 minutes per copy to burn a CD with 10-15 songs on it. A standard CD-R disc will hold up to 80 minutes of audio. 

Block rates, discounts and spec deals.

I don't offer block or discounted hourly rates. That includes "spec" or "backend participation" deals.


Children and Pets.

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the studio - even as guests. Sorry, but stuff has gotten damaged because of kids running around loose during a session or visit. 

Sessions involving children between the ages of 10-13 years old will be limited to 3 hours per session maximum. 

No pets are allowed in the studio. Some of my clients are very allergic to them. Sorry.



Sorry no smoking/vaping inside the studio. 


Food & Drinks.

You're encouraged to bring food & drinks along. I have a fridge. There are a few good restaurants and a major supermarket nearby. Delivery (Grubhub or Uber Eats) is always an option. 

Alcoholic beverages are fine although I will terminate the session if you can't handle your alcohol and start acting like a jerk (it's happened). There's a bar down the street where you can drink and they won't charge you $25 an hour.



If you're coming here from Chicago and traveling light, I might suggest taking Metra  (Union Station - Milwaukee District West line).
The train makes two stops here in downtown Elgin.

You want to get off at the first stop, the National Street station. The studio is an easy 5-10 minute walk from there.


Wi-Fi Enabled.

Hi-speed internet access is available (Comcast). Typically, 200 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up. 



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